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1x1 Solar Return Sound Bath Session (Enter code for discount)

1x1 Solar Return Sound Bath Session (Enter code for discount)

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Let's celebrate you!

We created this special to help deliver you some extra relaxation and TLC.

Step into the radiant embrace of your solar return with a rejuvenating Sound Bath session. Celebrate another journey around the sun by immersing yourself in the harmonious vibrations and sacred sounds. This unique session aligns your energy with the cosmic forces, offering a profound opportunity for renewal and reflection. It's a beautiful way to mark your solar return, inviting inner peace and serenity as you embrace the year ahead.

Rest assured we are here to help you bring in the energy of gratitude.  You deserve the highest treatment and appreciation for being who you are.

Instruments Used:

Frosted Quartz Singing Bowls along with Koshi Chime corresponding to the season 

Want to invite other people?

Head over to our Solar Return Sound Bath Party Packages and turn this into to event that friends and family can also enjoy.

*Note Before Booking: At this time we are only serving the DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virginia) Sessions are conducted in studio at Helia Health & Beauty located at 314 Wyndhurst Ave, Baltimore, MD 21210

Please feel free to book your session with us whether you are a new or returning client.

This discount price is only available once a year per person

If you recently received a discount code for being an attendee at one of our recent events, you will have an opportunity at check out to enter code and claim your to get your additional $30 discount off. The code is valid for new clients, once a year. If you have any trouble retrieving your special discount please email us at and we will be happy to assist with your booking.

*Please note that at this time we are serving the DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virgina) Sessions are conducted in studio at Helia Health & Beauty located at 314 Wyndhurst Ave, Baltimore, MD 21210


314 Wyndhurst Ave, Baltimore, MD 21210

Dress Code

Dress accordingly and comfortably. Socks, Barefeet welcome. No Shoes will be allowed on yoga mats. For this event, if guest are able to we encourge white or blue, linen or cotton fabrics as these materials carry a higher vibration for our well being and will help with setting the energy in our space.

What to bring

- blanket

- pillow (2 If needed for under knees and head)

-Eye Pillow

- yoga mat and anything that will make you feel comfortable. (we do have extra yoga mats)

-Bring your crystals for charging

-No Food, Drinks, Alchol or Substances will be allowed.

-Bring water. Tea and water will also be available.

Recommended Diet

Nï»żo Alcohol two days before and up to a week after event. Or none at all. No Coffee. Light foods such as salads, teas, fruites, soup, smoothies. Any heavy meals digested 4 hours before session. Lots of electric fluids.

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