About Beeswax


Throughout history, beeswax has been know as a versatile and beneficial natural resource. Our Egyptian ancestors for example, have been notorious for using beeswax in a variety of ways including for mummification, the embalming process, cosmetics and even paintings.In fact the bee itself was know to be a very ancient sacred symbol in Egyptian hieroglyph writings.   Egyptians had a very sophisticated way of beekeeping along with beeswax and honey harvesting which you can read more about in our blog post "King of Bees".The honey collected from honeycombs was used not only as a sweetener in cuisines but also in  medicine and for medical purposes to help treat cuts and burns.Today, beeswax and honey is still widely used in a variety of ways including for health, beauty, decorations and holistic practices.


Facts And Benefits

1. Non toxic, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-allergenic

2. Environmental friendly

3. 100% All natural Fuel

4. Burns longer than any other wax

5. Burns brighter and cleaner

6. Emits and has the same light spectrum as the sun

7. Leaves no ashes when burned

8. Naturally aromatic

9. Emits negative ions that purify the air

10. Never expires

11. There are three main types of beeswax. Yellow, White, and Beeswax Absolute. Yellow beeswax is raw beeswax. White beeswax is yellow beeswax that has been bleached lighter. Beeswax absolute is yellow beeswax that has been treated with alcohol

12. Waterproof

13. Great for making cosmetics, creams, soaps and candles

14. Stimulates the pituitary gland thus increasing creativity, intuition, and dream activity.


About Our Ingredients

All of our beeswax candles are made with premium high-quality beeswax (sourced from family owned farm), dried herbs, powders, and essential oils. We are proud to say that we do not include any artificial fragrances, chemicals, or coloring dyes. 

Candle colors are a natural result from included ingredients and may vary from batch to batch.

Use: Our candles are best used to provide natural lighting in home, natural scent, purifying air and emitting negative ionsmeditationvisualization, ritual candles, self-care candles, divination candlesraising vibrationmagnifying energy, home decoration and gifting ideas.

Our candles are not recommended for providing a strong aroma in the home. Instead, they give off a natural, sweet and light aroma from the beeswax and added ingredients. Each candle will have a stronger or lesser aroma based on the ingredients added for that candle as each herb, powder and oil will be stronger or weaker once combined with beeswax.

Below you will find information about all the ingredients added to our beeswax candles and what they represent. All of our ingredients have so many wonderful physical and spiritual benefits and uses. We encourage you to do your own research to expand your own knowledge and or consult with a herbalist and practitioner if you choose to purse for medical uses.


Meditation, Intuition And Higher Self Connection

Egyptian Blue Lotus

Used in Egyptian culture during rituals, to achieve higher levels of consciousness and increase spiritual awareness. Known to help activate lucid dreaming, Increase intuition, and works as an antioxidant while decreasing anxiety/stress. Represents purity and feminine energy. This Aphrodisiac has an intoxicating, exotic and vibrant scent. This sweet floral scent is also used in Egyptian culture.

Holy Basil

Used in Egyptian, Chinese, Indonesia and Hindu cultures as well as others. Used to reduce stress, increase awareness and clarityconnects mind, body and spirit while aligning chakras, meditation as well gifting in spiritual ceremonies. Also used for medical and herbal purposes. This Aphrodisiac has an uplifting deep vibrant scent.


Popular in Indian culture amongst others. Used to uplift spirit and helps find emotional balance and tranquility. Calms anxiety and nervous system. Used in may cosmetics to promote healing and aid scars. Finds its way to heal from within spirit. Over the years has been used in medicine. This Aphrodisiac has a thick and rich in color and texture with a very exotic sweet smell and is one of our favorites to work with.


Abundance And Prosperity


Used in Indian, Chinese, Persians and Greek cultures as well as others. Know to be used for medical purposes to flush toxins from the body and improve immune systemHelps draw in health, protection and prosperity. Know as a money herb that brings good fortune. Has a green, hayish and earthy smell that is not disruptive.


Used in Latin, Mexican, European, and Western cultures among others. Instantly uplifts and removes mental fog and confusionClarifies and sharpens senses and memory. Used as a pathway opener. Activates surrounding energies. Has a refreshing, sweet and green menthol scent.



Used in Chinese. European, Madagascar and Indonesia cultures among others. Increases and clarity and intuitive awareness while helping with focus and grounding. Represents the heart and solar plexus chakrasProvides protection surrounding psychic energies. Great in teas, coffees and culinary dishes. Has a deep woody, sweet and spicy scent. A wonderful compliment for all spiritual practices.


Used in European, Egyptian and other Middle Eastern cultures among other. Represents purity. Used in many purification and cleansing rituals to remove and repel destructive harmful energies including evil eyeUsed for protection and regeneration or "starting over" of from inside out. Great for keeping around home just like a mother removing what needs to go. Relatives to mint and sage. Has a sweet, fennel seed like smell with a hint of mint.

Star Anise

Used in Chinese and European cultures among others. Has antifungal properties and used in various herbal remedies. Used to help increase psychic awareness and visionsKnown for bringing, money, and money. Used in fortune telling and protection against evil eyes. Has a rich and intense spicy, licorice sweet woody scent.


Intention Setting And Manifesting


Used in many cultures including Chinese and Western among others. Natural aphrodisiac that increases sexual energy and creativity. Associated with heart, root and throat chakras. Promotes relaxation and greatly used in healing practices. Known for brining good luck, abundance and granting wishes. Also used for protection. Has a warm, woody and balsamic scent.


Used in Western and Indonesian cultures amongst other. increases awareness, clairvoyance and cognitive function. Great to use in meditation practices. I. Also associated with heart chakra. Used to bring luck and love. Great in herbal remedies, cosmetics and teas. Has a sweet, woody scent in between that of clove and cinnamon. 


Used in Western and Mediterranean cultures amongst other. Another wish granter herb used for manifesting, visualization, attracting wealth and raising overall vibration. Works well with sage to set intentions for protection. Amazing in soups and stews as well as other dishes for cooking. Has a scent similar to that of thyme, sweet and floral. Has a rustic scent when burn for luck.




Used widely in Italian cultures among others. Known for restoring balance, grounding and stability. Replaces feelings of stress and depression with joy and appreciation. Puts you in the "flow state" and helps to attract good mental health and balance. Instantly uplifts with it's citrusy scent that works well in personal care rituals and massage oils.


Used in Western and Mediterranean cultures among others. Known to be used in smudging, aromatherapy purification and protection practices. Great for clearing out old energy, cleansing and realigning mind, body, and spirt. Brings clarity while helping to free mind from worry. Close relative to mint. Has a strong bitter like scent when burnt that can not be mistaken for any other.


Used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures among others. Know to bring peace and balance spiritually. Represents purity, serenity and grace. Urges you to relax and also puts you in a "flow state" of being. Excellent for meditation and reflection work. Has a soft yet strong floral and exotic scent.


Health And Balance

Prunella Self Heal

Used in African, European, and American cultures among others. Known to be used in herbal medicine that promotes detoxification and acts as an antiviral. Used topically for bruises, sores and cuts. Great for grounding and gaining balance within the bodyIncreases physical awareness to ones own body. Known as the heart of the earth. Has a very pleasant, soft earthy nature like scent.


Used in Australian and American cultures among others. Represents and is recognized as a healing herbActs as an antiseptic and is used in many medications that aid in respiratory health. Uplifts and creates an open path for healing, mental clarity, visions, psychic insight and positive energies. Great for balance and lifting vibration in home. Has a strong pine, minty, and refreshing scent.



Used in African, European and American cultures among others. Represents love. Boost mood and self esteem. Used widely is skin care cosmetics as well as ritual baths. Connected to planet Venus and used to attract romantic partners. Has a very soft floral like scent.


Used widely in Asian culture and adopted by many others. Helps with boosting immune system and as well as relieving pain in the bodyKnown to create protection in relationships and keep away bad energies or disagreements. Spices up atmosphere and energies to create a open path for love to enter. Has a sweet, sharp and strong smell that opens up airways.


Used widely in African, Jamaican, Indian and Asian cultures as well as many others. Represents feminine energies. Creates space for love to enter and new beginnings to occur. Ignites passion and creativity. Has a floral and tropical like scent that is almost intoxicating.