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"We are grateful" for your support which helps us to see our vision thru. We are always working and seeking to provide new services, products, information, volunteer and provide support to like minded organizations, local communities and initiatives that will benefit humanity collectively. We inner stand that transformation doesn't just happen overnight and are here to enjoy the process. Love always wins!


Our Mission

Phoenix Ignite Affirmations Candle Co.

The purpose of Phoenix Ignite Affirmations Candle Co is to service the conscious community with premium high-quality beeswax, infused with dried herbs, powders, and essential oils. We are proud to say that we do not include any artificial fragrances, chemicals, or coloring dyes. Our goal is to help create a very intimate experience by utilizing one of natures timeless and well know resources; Beeswax. 

Our candles are best used to provide natural lighting in home (has the same light spectrum as the sun), natural scent, purifying the air and emitting negative ions, meditation, visualization, positive ritual candles, self-care candles, positive divination candles, raising vibration, magnifying energy, home decoration, and gift ideas.

"Ignite the love within"

Phoenix Ignite Affirmations & Meditations

The purpose of Phoenix Ignite Affirmations is to share liberating affirmations, filled with love and truth that help to sharpen, reprogram and ignite a transformation that starts within each and everyone of us through the power of words. Our intention is to help water the seeds planted within the collective of humanity that will ignite an awakening to one's true divine nature and also raise the vibration of love.

We believe that humanity is working it's way through a period that will bring about deep transformation and healing. By going within, rediscovering and reconnecting with our higher self individually, collectively we can break destructive systems, beliefs, cycles, and transcend all limitations. We serve the community through educational events, volunteering, affirmations/meditation work, fund raising, sound bath healing therapy as well as other services and products such as Beeswax Candles made with organic ingredients from nature to meet all your spiritual needs.

"Transition, Grow, Transform, Together"