Collection: Taper Candles

100% All Natural Pure Beeswax Melts, None-Toxic, Chemical Free, Dye Free, Eco Luxury, Allergen Free

All of our beeswax taper candles are hand-poured and made with premium high-quality beeswax, dried herbs, powders, and essential oils. We are proud to say that we do not include any artificial fragrances, chemicals, or coloring dyes. 

Candle colors are a natural result of included ingredients and may vary from batch to batch.

Please visit our About Beeswax & Herbs page to learn more about our candles, their purpose, and their spiritual benefits to decide which candle is right for you. 

Use: Our candles are best used to provide natural lighting in the home, natural scent, purifying the air and emitting negative ionsmeditationvisualization, ritual candles, self-care candles, divination candlesraising vibrationmagnifying energy, home decoration, and gift ideas.

Our candles are not recommended for providing a strong aroma in the home. Instead, they give off a natural, sweet, and light aroma from the beeswax and added ingredients. Each candle will have a stronger or lesser aroma based on the ingredients added to that candle as each herb, powder, and oil will be stronger or weaker once combined with beeswax.

Quantity: Package has 2 tapers


-15.24cmx1,9cm per candle

Weight: 42g per candle

Burn Time: Approximately 3-6 hours per candle. Varies from candle to candle depending on added ingredients that speed up or slow down burn time

7 Variations:

Meditation+Intuition+Higher Self: Egyptian Blue Lotus, Holy Basil, Vetiver

Abundance+Prosperity: Alfalfa, Spearmint

Protection: Clove, Hyssop, Star Anise

Intention Setting+Manifesting: Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Bayleaf

Gratitude: Bergamot, Sage, Lavender

Health+Balance: Prunella Self Heal, Eucalyptus

Love: Rosehip, Ginger, Hibiscus