29 Affirmations For Igniting Your Authentic & Higher Self-Aquarius Full Moon

29 Affirmations For Igniting Your Authentic & Higher Self-Aquarius Full Moon

On August 22, 2021 at 8:01 am Eastern time, the moon will be in the sign of Aquarius.

This second consecutive Aquarius full moon is a rare big deal much like the first that happened back on July 23, 2021.

The energies surrounding this last full moon of summer 2021 with the sun in the sign of Leo, is supercharging, igniting, and activating our true authentic and higher selves. Leo represents sovereignty, courage, heart, and leadership; while Aquarius represents intuition, solution, innovation, freedom and urgent change.

Both of these energies combined naturally prompt us to be honest with ourselves so that we can search and bring forth the inner depths of our heart. It's time to trust yourself and allow your life to flow with the guidance of your authentic and higher self.


How to tap into and work with these two energies during this powerful time


1. Be aware: Observe and do not react. Be aware of all the excitement surrounding a full moon from energies aware and unaware. Hold back from engaging with the lower aspects of these two signs. Proudness, extreme rebellion, extreme detachment and so on. These two energies can be very playful together if you allow it. So open up, seek only the best and play your cards right to transmute any unwanted energy.

2. Reflect: Think about the last 30 days, better yet reflect on the entire first half of this year 2021 and give thanks for both your good and bad experiences. What lessons have you learned? What needs to finally be released and let go of? What can you do to help your personal growth and evolving?

3. Self care: There is no better way to work with these energies than showing yourself some self love. Stay hydrated, run a soothing bath, meditate, practice your affirmations and do what makes you happy. Whatever lights up your heart now is the time to dive deep into that light, freely and playfully.

4. Be Bold: Get crystal care and precise with your visions, dreams and goals intentions. As mentioned previously it's time to leap forward into the reality that you truly wish and desire for yourself, others, and humanity. It's time to make the sacrifice, take responsibility and be accountable for the way the rest of this year will play out. 

This Full Moons Affirmation for 8/22/21:

"I express what is in my heart through my work"
Visit the link in this blog post for 29 Affirmations that you can use and recite during this honorable Aquarius full moon




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